Review: Newlife Aesthetics Vegan Facial

New Life Aethetics, Raynes Park

Lately I have been super stressed with trying to juggle mum life with social media commitments and also coming up to a painful anniversary, so when I was offered the opportunity to try out a relaxing Vegan Facial at Newlife Aesthetics, I didn’t have to think twice.

Newlife Aesthetics is located on Coombe Lane in Raynes Park, and if you live or work in the area, you’ve probably passed by it many times. If you are in the area, do stop by and check it out. The office is bright, modern and beautifully decorated and the staff are  super friendly and more than happy to talk you through what they have to offer.

Before my facial, I sat down with Mo Ashraf, Senior Aesthetician at Newlife,  and she talked me through both the process and the vegan products that are used during the facial. Visit my Instagram page @wimbledon_mummy, go to my highlights and tap ‘Vegan Facial’ to see a video of our chat.

A couple of things really struck me about the Vegan Facial:

  • Firstly, the products are not only vegan and made on the site of the farm on which some of the ingredients are grown, but they also contain probiotics and prebiotics. Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about these friendly bacteria in relation to your gut, but I didn’t realise that we have them on our skin as well. Mo explained that as we wash our faces to cleanse our skin and remove dirt and bad bacteria, we also remove the good bacteria. During the Vegan Facial, these friendly bacteria are replaced in order to restore balance on our skin. I could actually feel the probiotics going on; Mo explained to me during the facial that the slightly grainy texture I could feel was these being massaged into my skin. Fascinating!
  • Secondly, the facial involved a lot of massage of the face, neck, shoulders and d├ęcolletage areas, not only because it feels amazing and relaxing, but it also helps drain any fluid and reduce puffiness. Mo said I might notice a small change in my face shape the next day and I actually did notice that my cheekbones and jaw looked slightly more defined. Of course, this effect is temporary unless you consistently book in for facial massages, but it was pretty amazing to see an actual result.
  • Thirdly, the products used come in natural, compostable containers, which gets a big thumbs up from me!

For several days after the facial, my shoulders and neck felt so much more relaxed, which was particularly noticeable for me as they quite often ache from lifting my heavy children. Mo mentioned that my skin might break out slightly after the facial as it released toxins. I did notice one or two very small spots a couple days after, but nothing particularly noticeable and it’s been looking smooth and clear ever since.

I have had other facials before, but I can honestly say this one was particularly lovely due to the pretty surroundings of the office and the concentration on massage. I really couldn’t recommend it more if you’re looking for some ‘me time’ that will also benefit your skin!

If you want to try the Vegan Facial for yourself, call Newlife Aesthetics or go in to book and tell them Wimbledon Mummy sent you…you’ll get 25% off!


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