Tips for Trouble-Free Home Improvements

by: Big Yellow Self Storage

You only need to be the tiniest bit houseproud to have an endless list of home improvement projects. And with everyone spending more time at home just lately, the opportunity to spot jobs that need doing is even greater.

While home improvement trends wax and wane, one thing that remains constant is the amount of upheaval even the smallest painting tasks cause. Tackle anything bigger, and it can feel like the whole house is affected.

If your last DIY job left you scrubbing dust out of the corners for weeks on end, these little tips might help you get through your next project with a bit less mess and muddle.

Decide on Your Needs

This might sound obvious, but it’s all too easy to start out with the vague idea of ‘doing up the living room’ or ‘upgrading the kitchen’. While those thoughts are great to kick off ideas, they’re just the starting point.

Dig deeper into what you aim to achieve. A good starting place is figuring out what’s wrong with the room as it stands. Maybe you want to create an airier feel, have lighter walls, hang brighter curtains, replace carpets, or lay down wood or laminate flooring. Maybe your goal is simply better, more practical storage. People decorate and renovate for all sorts of reasons.

mood board can help you gather ideas for the kind of final effect you’re after. You can go with something physical, including paint samples and fabric swatches, or create a digital version with photos curated from the internet.

Flexibility is key, along with a willingness to compromise. Being fixated on a certain style or colour can lead to frustration if you can’t find exactly what you had in mind.

Plan Your Project

Having a plan gives you a road map through the job. The level of detail you need depends on the scope of the work, and if you’re hiring trades people, fitters or other specialists and need to figure in their availability.

When you’re moving or replacing furnishings or rearranging the layout of a room, having a floor plan can help. It’s amazingly easy to make daft mistakes like placing the TV away from the cable or satellite connection. A rough sketch of the layout is enough, and it doesn’t need to be exactly to scale unless you need precise measurements.

Self storage rooms can help if you need to clear out furnishings to make space while you work. Self storage near Wimbledon is plentiful, as well as in the surrounding areas. Taking the time to move your possessions out during renovations also provides the chance to take stock of what you own and make some decisions about keeping or replacing them. And for valuable or treasured items, it makes sure they don’t get damaged accidentally while the work is in progress.

Part of planning is working out the best time to start work so you can stay focussed. Maybe book a block of time off work or choose a period during term time if you don’t want to work around children at home. Do you need to book a hotel or organise an overnight stay with friends or relatives while extensive building work is done? Are you having supplies delivered?

There are all kinds of time factors to consider around planning larger jobs, so spending a while organising your logistics can help ward off future frustrations.

Making lists helps. Some people love them, some hate them, but ticking items off a list of jobs or steps can be very satisfying and help keep you motivated to carry on.

Snap up Early Bargains

If you’re planning to use a storage room while you decorate, it might be worth getting one before you start. It gives you somewhere to keep supplies, furnishings, fabrics, paints, papers, and tools while you get organised. And it means you can take advantage of sales or bargains because you know you have the space to safely store them till needed.

Work Efficiently

Doing things in the proper order is the quickest way to complete any job. For instance, paint the ceiling before the walls, do the walls then move on to skirting boards, windows, and door frames. 

Use the right tools for the job, so take a small brush to paint right up to edges, into corners, and around fixtures rather than trying to see how close you can get with a roller.

Don’t skimp on cleaning, sanding, or undercoating woodwork. You’ll get a much more professional finish if the surface is properly prepared.

Whether you enjoy renovation and decoration or enjoy having done it, you’ll go from muddle to marvellous a lot faster with a solid idea of what you want, and a good plan for making it happen. 

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